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“HOLY F**K THIS IS AMAZING!!!” Layer Rum Cake Recipe with Rum Glaze and Cream Cheese Frosting

"HOLY F**K THIS IS AMAZING!!!" Layer Rum Cake Recipe with Rum Glaze and Cream Cheese Frosting"HOLY F**K THIS IS AMAZING!!!" is the unanimous response from everyone who tried my latest iteration of rum cake.  It's dense and moist and boozey and not too sweet.  So, you know, perfect!  *Note to readers and bloggers alike: The preceding sentence is the appropriate length for a recipe blog post.  You don't give a sh*t about my life and I don't feel like telling you about my childhood memories of...

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TOUGH LOVE from the Seven of Swords – Collective Reading 12/11/20

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself! TOUGH LOVE from the Seven of Swords Collective Reading 12/11/20 Are you acting with integrity when it comes to your own time, energy and best interests? Are your boundaries established and protective or are you open to attack from all sides, including your own self-sabotaging shadows? Are you over-extending your perceived influence so you can claim 100% of the credit? Is the path you're taking actually YOURS that you are paving as you go, or are you...

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It’s 1111 Launch Day for Driftless Tarot!

It's 1111 Launch Day for Driftless Tarot! Today is 11/11. The day started out with the Moon in the 4th quarter of Virgo, but is transitioning to Libra mid-morning. 11 is an auspicious ‘master number’ in numerology, and 1111 is a highly-significant Angel number for those who seek synchronicities as messages from the Divine. 11 also happens to be my Life Path number, so all the signs point to this being a good day to launch Driftless Tarot! Follow me on Instagram at @driftlesstarot I drew one...

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The Tower, the Star, and “The Cycle:” a Poem and blog

The Tower, the Star, and "The Cycle:" a Poem and blogSpiders are haunting me.  I keep seeing them wherever I look, but there aren't any there.  They're (almost) all in my head. A few months ago, I went to chat with my husband in his basement home office, and on the ceiling right above my head was a 4" spider.  I haven't shaken the fear since, that there might be other goliath bird-eaters roaming the walls and dark corners of my house -- and soul. I can't tell you why or when my arachnophobia...

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Pendulum: a Poem

Pendulum: a Poem by Raina Maris
What is it that we are —
Are we beast, or are we best?
Why’s the journey go this far?
Why do we live beyond the rest?

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Lessons: a Poem

Lessons: a PoemLessons If I stand before the oldest treeAnd ask for it to comfort meWhen those before it fell to dirt:Age is how much time you've hurt If I stand before eternityThose gone before might come to meWere I to ask what to believe:The more you love, the more you grieve I listen to the symphonyThe phrases chill then rapture meBetween the notes, the colors rise:Love is not made with the eyes If I always wait for Time to healI cede what sorrow claims to stealI choose to mend, despite...

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Am I Doing this Right?

Am I Doing This Right?What is life about, really? An insomniac Gen X-identifying artist with a caffeine addiction and ADHD explains it all, and why "F**k you, f**k your aesthetic, and double-f**k your algorithm" is the key to enlightenment.I don't honestly know how to eat a pomegranate.  I know you cut it open, and inside are glistening ruby-like seeds, but what then?  Do you eat the whole seed, as a texturally-diverse snack?  Or do you suck the flesh off the pit and spit out the hard part?  I...

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Autumnal Equinox Cocktail – Rant & Recipe

Autumnal Equinox Cocktail - Rant & RecipeWelcome to the first post of my entirely non-specific blog!  I've hesitated adding a blog to this site - not because I have little to say or little ability to write - but because blog posts seem like SO MUCH WORK.  And me?  I'm tired.  Tired like Lily Von Schtupp sings about in Blazing Saddles ("I'm tired, Tired of playing the game / Ain't it a crying shame / I'm so tired / God dammit I'm exhausted!").  And to be perfectly honest, when searching for...

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