Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!

Reading 12/11/20

TOUGH LOVE from the Seven of Swords

Collective Reading 12/11/20

Are you acting with integrity when it comes to your own time, energy and best interests? Are your boundaries established and protective or are you open to attack from all sides, including your own self-sabotaging shadows? Are you over-extending your perceived influence so you can claim 100% of the credit? Is the path you’re taking actually YOURS that you are paving as you go, or are you copying the methods and actions of someone you see as successful in hopes of enjoying their momentum and accomplishments? Taking “shortcuts” is a contractive, not expansive, response. Growth is much about making mistakes and learning from them. Take some time to examine why you want more than is currently within your grasp. Are you trying to fill a void? Do you think you need to prove yourself to someone? Some things are not meant for you right now. Some things are never meant for you because they’re not in alignment with your purpose. If you’re feeling insecure about aspects of your life and acting out of jealousy or fear of scarcity, start by acknowledging the discomfort and sitting with it for awhile. How are your low-vibe actions affecting those around you? How are your actions, thoughts and emotions affecting YOU?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re feeling very disconnected from yourself. Maybe you’re juggling too much and you’re losing it by trying to hold it all in your control (hint: it’s NOT). You’re at a crossroads and you have a choice you MUST make, or you’re going to meet rock bottom real quick. Realize your pride and ego is your downfall, and right now you are your own worst enemy. Meditate or spend some quiet time alone in nature to reconnect to your internal compass. Quiet your mind and especially that squawking cry of negativity that’s lying to you. Cut it out like the cancer it is! Accept that you are not an island. The choice to ask for help and/or delegate can be frightening, but you can protect yourself in practical and legal ways if that is your mental hurdle. By delegating and removing your personal “ick” items from your own docket, and enlisting the help of someone who likes and enjoys the tasks (and is frankly probably better than you at them for those reasons), you’ll have more time and space to complete your soul’s work. Lightening the load and choosing to work on that which is aligned with your best and highest interests will open the doors to harmony and fulfillment.

Sometimes ‘tough love’ is the best love, and Tarot doesn’t sugar-coat the truth.

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Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne – see her awesomeness at @pixiecurio !





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