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Tarot Readings 

Greetings!  Welcome to Driftless Tarot!  

The Tarot is an incredible tool for self-examination, exploring new perspectives, and guidance when navigating the complexities of life.

I’ve been studying and reading Tarot for over 20 years.  I offer several standard spreads for individual readings, and custom spreads as well!  

For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, readings will be offered via Facebook Rooms, Zoom or another online meeting space.  After the pandemic, I will be offering in-person and group services as well!  Tarot readers are a great addition to bachelorette parties, a conversation point at boring office parties, a convenient diversion at awkward family reunions, and much more!



Live Online Readings

I offer an array of Tarot spreads to either provide general insight into the current circumstances of your life, or to help answer specific questions.

Just some of my offerings include the 3-Card Draw, the “Soul Check-In” by Lindsay Mack, and the traditional and in-depth Celtic Cross.

Click on the button to see services, rates and to book on my Facebook page! If you don’t have a Facebook account, please use the form below to email me. 



Email/Recorded Readings

This is the reading for you if you have a question for the Tarot but don’t want to or cannot join a video conference with me!

I will draw your cards, and either A) take a photo of the spread, write out the interpretation, and email it to you within 1-2 days, or B) perform the reading on video and send you a private link.

Pricing is variable as it will depend on the spread and delivery.



Natal Chart & Tarot Birth Cards

Did you know there are Tarot cards that correspond specifically to your birthday, just like birth stones?

With a few pieces of information, I’ll access your astrological natal chart, Tarot birth cards and other correspondences such as crystals and provide them in a lovely PDF.





Custom Incense & Oils

Custom-blended incences and oils can aid in meditation, self-empowerment, “setting the mood,” and just smell damn good!  

Whether you have a particular aim in mind and want Come To Me oil, or need a lift with some Positivity Incense, I handcraft them on demand.

Prices vary.




Magickal Needs

I can’t call myself the Witch of WTF without actually being a little witchy, now can I?

I’ll be offering handmade home and self-care items to suit your magickal needs!  Check back soon!

Prices will vary.



Tarot Spreads

3-Card Draw

Celtic Cross (10 Cards)

Soul Check-In (5 Cards)

Custom Spreads

New Year/Birthday 12-Card

Daily Draw

Tarot Readings

What To Expect

Have a notebook ready!  The Tarot can be incredibly enlightening and it is totally normal to experience a lot of ‘information downloads’ during a reading.  Take notes!  Sketch images that come to mind!  You’ll want this to reflect on later!

The Tarot has little-t0-no regard for time.  We may set aside 30 minutes for a reading, but may be all set in 20.  Or 45!  Be flexible around your schedule.  I charge by the spread, not the minutes.

Tarot is an ephemeral thing; a snapshot of your life in that hour.  If I perform the same spread for you tomorrow, there’s a decent likelihood it would be quite different.  For me the reader, it requires a good bit of psychic and emotional energy to connect to you and your guides.  For these reasons, I do not offer refunds.  




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